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all you need to know about the protection of the Property Registration Number

During the 80’s it did not exist a regulation of construction that established rules for the real estate agencies or building companies, and as a result everybody built freely as the real estate developers; to regulate this there was an attempt to create and modify different programs in urban development but they were always insufficient and overflown by the corruption of the country.

With that being said it continued until the creation of the INVEA CDMX (institute of administrative verification in Mexico City) and the implementation of the verifications in mater of soil use to mercantile establishments, constructions, etc.; with all the constructions and business started were shut down.

In spite of the before mentioned, some business owners continued in bad faith selling lands or business knowing the violations to the soil use and the lack of legal documents in most cases, the INVEA decided that apart from notifying and shutting down these businesses, they would charge them this a fine and under the public reforms published the 10th of January of 2014 and additional to the criminal code and criminal procedures code for Mexico city, which strengthen the changes in the registry law and the urban development law, as attributions to the CADF (currently TJA), the INVEA and the PAOT. With the possibility of the foliage custody” upon the detection and denunciation of inconsistencies in constructions, the INVEA had the possibility to ask the public property and commerce registry to notify that property and protect its Property Registration Number to avoid the illegal sale and modifications to the lands making them something without legal value.

Specifically, what is the Property Registration Number?

It is the legal figure where the public property and commerce registry can block any movement or transfers of the Property Registration Number of specific properties by orders of CADF (currently TJA), the INVEA and the PAOT, as a precautionary measure from the detection of errors or inconsistencies in the entry in the Property Registry or to the violation to the soil use, content form different programs of urban development.

Who can order the protection of the Property Registration Number?

The organizations with that power are:

  • Tribunal de lo Contencioso Administrativo TCADF (actualmente TJA)
  • Instituto de Verificación Administrativa de la Ciudad de México (INVEA)
  • Procuraduría Ambiental y del ordenamiento Territorial de la CDMX

However, the person in charge of the protection or custody of the Property Registration Numbers is the Public Registration of the Property (Registro Público de la Propiedad).

What can be a reason to protect a property registration number?

The violation of soil use (in its different regulations) is the most common cause of the receipt of the property registration number, followed by the violations to the urban regulations, as for some law suit that the property may have over in the process.

How can I release my property registration number?

The liberation of the property registration number in custody or receipt, is one of the most complicated processes that a property may require, however, depending in the type of violation or offense that may have occurred until that point in your property that may determine the most effective legal strategy to accomplish your liberation of property registration number, as much as we would like to tell you there is an exact formula to accomplish it, it is not possible, as we already mentioned, it is required to design a complex legal strategy, executed in time and in form to accomplish the liberation as soon as possible and that your property recuperates its value and avoid more losses.

If you currently have a property registration number in custody or receipt, please register in our forms or leave your information to offer you’re a specialized consultation and together define the best strategy for the liberation of your property registration number, in these moments, time is very important, register to receive immediate advice.


In resume, what is the property registration number?

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