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What is a Land Finder and why do you need it?

A Land Finder is a person dedicated to obtain the best options of land to make the customer achieve a high profitability of it. The criteria of the land search will be an excellent location, market, legal sanity and financial flexibility. This service is perfect for Real Estate developers because the lands will be ideal for the development of construction projects, having into account always the investment models of the customer. Being Land Finder is one of the most important pieces to develop your construction. The perks of investing in a Land Finder is to diminish the risk level of your project by making a broader picture of the options you have to make the best decision towards the land to develop.

What does our Land Finder include?

At the moment you hire our services, you are hiring also a group of professional experts that will be working to find you the best option of land. We will be searching always for a better way to provide you the ideal legal conditions, permits and market options for you to seek a high internal rate return. In addition to our service of Land Finder, you can receive the consult and management of the demolition license, construction license and the legal guarantee against enclosures of your construction during a year (optional service).

Diminish your real state investment risk

The most important decision any construction developer can make, is the selection on the terrain in which he will be investing. For this, it is important to have in hand the higher amount of options to make a real decision based in market numbers, payment options and existent regulations in the land to diminish the risk level and amount of your initial investment. This can be possible thanks to having the best land conditions that allows you to initiate the pre-sale stage as soon as possible and to enlarge it as much as you can, with the purpose of having an accelerated construction without any enclosure or suspension problem in your terrain.

Every good project starts with a good terrain, deciding for a bad location, or a terrain that doesn’t match the necessary technical characteristics, can kill your project. In the spirit of the previous statement, having a terrain and not having the appropriate management of the legal processes, is just having a no-end problem that will not only make you to lose money, but also, time.

We help you find only terrains that match the characteristics and elements necessary for the maximum profitability of your project

Package of your project development:

  • Legal situation chart, verifies by our real state expert lawyers
  • Regulation, permits and licenses chart, elaborated by consultants with 23 years of experience
  • Technical and structural chart regarding the terrain or property, elaborated by our team of  architects and engineers
  • Financial and strategic analysis 
  • Market study bases on the location
  • Basic conceptual project of what can be constructed in the terrain, according to the actual regulations

Additional services Iktan Corp can provide to your project:

  • Terrain and property regularization, the design of a better strategy and legal management to obtain a more profitable regulation
  • Defense and legal guarantee in the purchase or contribution of the project

  • Demolition licenses management
  • Safe demolition service
  • Construction license management
  • Building risk study (before the civil protection intern program)

We are the enterprise with the most complete service catalogue


All of our services give you a year guarantee against any legal or enclosure problem i your project

We are proud of being able to say that we have 23 years of experience in terrains processes and regularization located in CDMX. Also, we take credit of designing the best strategies to get the permits and approvals in a 100% legal way and despite all the constant changes Mexican laws experience.

We take great pride to be the only consultancy company to give a year guarantee before any legal and enclosure problem that may rise in every single licensing process needed for your terrain or property.


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We find the land your project needs to be just as you dreamed of

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