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do not risk your business or your construction, avoid closures with your intern program of civil protection valid and authorized

Not having your Internal Civil Protection Program is one of the most common causes of closures in bussinesses, factories and works (*demolition and construction) In the CDMX thanks to the operations implemented by the **Secretary of Integral Risk Management of Civil Protection of Mexico City, Where the most visited tours are: *** schools, restaurants, hotels, clinics, workshoops and businesses with high flow of people as their first target, without neglecting smaller turns and places of low concentration that are also highly susceptible to civil protection reviews.

To avoid any Closure of Civil Protection, it is mandatory that your  business has an Internal Civil Protection Program Approved with all the requirements that this entails. Besiders that it is a document

Fundamental to the safety of workers and people who visit the place, and without a doubt that is the most important thing you should keep in mind. 

The Internal Civil Protection Program at the CDMX is a document that contains a technical folder thatintegrates all the studies that have to be carried out in matters of saferty, first aid and prevention within the establishment or work; for this, extensive studies of the area and the property are carried out  to be able to carry out drills, maintenance schedules, personnel training and the coordination of civil protection brigades.

All this technical folder is entered into the ****digital platform with all the studies mentioned by a third accredited civil protection in the CDMX, the technical folder of the Internal Program  also contains the

Installation indications and requirements, in addition to performing signage, fire extinguishers, smoke sensors, etc based on the regulations of the Secretariat of Civil Protection and the regulation of the law of Integral Risk Management and Civil Protection.

Through our 23 years of experience as business consultants in Mexico City we have created more than 600 Internal Civil Protection Programs formore than 90 Business drafts of all sizes 100% successfully thanks to our comprehesive team of Architects. Lawyers, Engineers and Third parties accredited in civil protection, who help us to always be in order before the authorities.

Derived from the changes in Civil Protection matters published in the gazettes on june 5, 2019 and the regulations on August 7, 2019 with the new terms of reference itisimportant to clarify that:

*(Demolition and construction) derived from the changes made in the aforementioned gazettes,the civil protection program for works and demolitions is now called WORK RISK STUDY.

**(Ministry of Civil Protection) with the changes of the new gazettes, the Ministry of Civil Protection will be called the Secretariat of Integral Risk Management and Civil Protection.

***(Schools) In the law of Integral Management of Risks and Civil Protection it is mentioned that special rules and terms  will be mad for the completion of the internal Program for Schools, same rules and terms that came out in the Official Gazette published on August 26 of 2019.

****(DIgital Platform) The law of Integral Management of risks and Civil Protection implements the digital platform system, it is located on the portal of the secretariat. Through this platform all registrations for the Internal Programs  will be made.

It is essential that all Internal Civil Protection Programs are fully updated to this law to avoid any type of closure to your Business since the law has been Hardened and Enriched

intern program of civil protection for commercial establishments

intern program of civil protection for factories

intern program of civil protection for a new construction



Get your Intern Program of Civil Protection and all the necessary procedures to deliver them 100% authorized and valid

  • technical folder of the intern program of civil protection
  • approval of security and operations (if applies)
  • evidence of structural security and stability
  • electric declaratory
  • gas declaratory
  • third authorized person signature (specialized in its type of business)
  • fire delay invoice (in its case)
  • authorization of containers held to pressure (in case of mayor capacities)
  • anti-crash coating for glasses invoicecivil responsibility policy
  • training (in its case)
  • seismic alert (extra cost)
  • Extinguisher installation
  • Signaling installation
  • Installation of Smoke detectors
  • Invoice for Extinguishers with declaratory and responsive letter
  • Payment of legal rights


Requirements to start your civil protection program 

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