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¿Get to know our Accelerated construction surplus program?

The accelerated construction program is a program generated to create a surplus by activating the real value of the terrain through legal, technical, engineering and marketing strategies and processes to maximize the land’s use of value and achieve a higher profitability in the shortest period of time.

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You provide the terrain and we invest to increase its value through an active surplus and the ideal conditions for the real estate developers. Our job is for you to get a higher return of investment of you land with the highest of value in use and an appropriate marketing approach.

Benefits for participating in the Accelerated surplus construction program


Expertise regularization of your land 

Real estate professional attorneys’ advice

All engineering and architecture services needed included

Market study

Financial and fiscal exit study

Safe and without enclosure demolition

Marketing strategy

Avoid losing actual surplus of your terrain

Construction license

Product conceptualization

External construction supervision (in case of needed)

What do Real Estate developers earn by buying your terrain or property after the program?


No carry to pay

Legal certainty towards the terrain

Improvement of their financial projects

Long presales stages

Real and verifiable market data

Less soft costs for their project

Technical certainty towards the terrain

Guarantee towards enclosure (optional)

What does Iktan Corp win? 

Our company gains are reflected in two ways, both of them we can only earn if you get what you want first. For starters, we win from the split 70/30 of your surplus generated, in other words, it means that you receive 70% value of the surplus we generate, and we get only 30% of it. In addition, we charge our professional fees until the terrain has sold and only if it has really made the surplus you wanted to.

¿Why trust in Iktan Corp? 

We are proud of being able to say that we have 23 years of experience in terrains processes and regularization located in CDMX. Also, we take credit of designing the best strategies to get the permits and approvals in a 100% legal way and despite all the constant changes Mexican laws experience.

In addition we take great pride to be the only consultancy company to give a year guarantee before any legal and enclosure problem  that may rise in every single licensing process needed for your terrain or property.


By being part of your program, what are the risks for me or my terrain?

What will I get in return for inscribing in your program?

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How do I know if my terrain gets selected?

How long does it take the program to conclude?

What is the legal structure in which the program is elaborated?

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Do you feel your terrain or property has great potential?

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